Jokes On You

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You sit down the pub with you mates, showing off, laughing, one of your friends says "have you heard about those guys that get off on being humiliated & used" you laugh & say yeah how crazy, but that is you, you are that joke, that laughing stock your mates are taking the piss out of. And when you get home you'll have your pants around your ankles jerking off to my videos. What do you think your friends would do if I told them that you get hard for nothing else now? You spend nearly all of your money on me & when you finished tossing yourself off you eat your own cum - because I tell you! They'd think you're an absolute loser, they wouldn't want to associate with you. They wouldn't want anything to do with a cum eating wanker like you, would they. But you don't care. You couldn't stop this now even if you tried. It's got a hold of you. I've got a hold of your wallet. Your friends aren't even important anymore. The only thing that matters now, is me. Soon you'll stop going out so you have more money to spend on downloading my clips & tributing me, you want to be rinsed dry by me, a hot goddess so out of your league. Before long you'll be a recluse, doing nothing but wanking away to my clips & spending all your money on me. The thought turn you on so much as does waiting for my instructions. My instructions now are get stroking that cock to my ass & when you're finished eat every last drop of that cum for me & pay me for the privilege. Mmmm every last little drop lol.