Exploiting Your Weakness

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You never imagined for one tiny little second in that tiny little brain of yours that you would ever get so addicted to me. It never even crossed your mind that you would end up like this. That you would get so frantic and mindless where I'm concerned. You never thought you'd end up with me, a hot Goddess just taking your money whenever she feels like it. And now you can't stop, it's become so out of control. You couldn't stop even if you tried your hardest, because all it takes is one little glimpse of my bottom and that's it, you are hooked all over again. You fall into a h******c state of mind where you just want to do anything I say. Literally anything, eat your cum, suck cock if I told you too if you thought it would make me happy and give you more of my attention. This is your world, you have nothing apart from me. Your entire life is just stroking over me now. I'm just going to exploit you and your weaknesses for me and my ass. I don't care if I ruin you. I don't care if I fuck you up financially - as long as I'm OK...LOL. You're just a pathetic little loser who can't stop stroking. It really isn't my fault, you got yourself into this mess and I'm not going to help you get out of it. This is where you want to be anyway isn't it, lost in my ass, it's worth losing everything for. You'll get a second job if you have to, to pay for this. You'll sell your body on the streets and suck cock if you have to if it means you get to keep this. I don't care what you do as long as that money keeps coming in LOL.