ALL men are Disposable

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You're are pretending to talk to one of your girlfriends on the phone, while smiling and laughing at the camera. You're talking to one of your friends about how there were no cabs, and you got stranded after a night out. You describe how you asked a guy for a ride home. He said he didn't have a car. You then explain how you seduced him into kissing you, and how you blew air into him as if he were a balloon. You describe how he quickly blew up, bursting out of his clothes, and blowing up to be completely round. You say that you rolled him onto his tummy and climbed on his back and rode him home like a space hopper bouncing on his tummy. Once you were home, you decided to give him a good night kiss, and ended up blowing him up to the size of a house. You laugh and say how you found this hilarious. You could hear his skin creaking as you walked away, but he still begged for one more kiss. You warned him that he would definitely pop if you gave him another kiss, but still he begged for more, he couldn't resist you. You, ever so gently, brushed your lips against his for a second and BANG! It was too much. You laugh, “I don't think I'll need to pay for a cab again.” “Men. So gullible, so inflatable, and soooooo disposable!

Please note: No Names were used in this clip.