Interwiev with a lot of wedgies teaching till panties torn

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Customer wrote: So start you two off in the room, girl 1 saying that it is time for girl 2's wedgie interview where she will prove if she can take and give a good wedgie. Girl 2 admits she has never actually got or given a wedgie before so she doesn't really know about them. Girl 1 gets excited and says this can now also be a Wedgie 101 class

She gets girl 2 to bend over and girl one reaches in the shorts and pulls on the panties hard, saying this is a wedgie then she lets go and helps girl 1 pick her wedgie out

Girl 2 asks if girl 1 has the basics now and girl 1 says yes, then girl 2 bends over and tells her to give one now.

Girl 1 agrees and reaches in the shorts and grabs the panties and wedgies hard too, girl 2 saying she is a natural all ready then girl 1 lets go

Girl 2 pulls down girl 1's shorts and puts her in piledriver position and reaches in shorts and grabs the g-string/thong this time and pulls hard then lets go and then girl 1 puts girl 2 in piledriver position, pulls her shorts down and wedgies her g-string/thong too

Afterwards the girls exchange wedgies leaning against the wall then girl 2 puts girl 1 on her stomach and gives her a jock lock wedgie with the panties then wedgies her thong nice and hard then lets go

Girl 1 puts girl 2 on her all 4s and wedgies her panties into atomic wedgie then wedgies the thong while she's in it and lets go

Girl 2 puts girl 1 head down ass up position, pulls her panties down then wedgies her thong/g-string till it rips off, then pulls the panties back up and stands her up and gives her a standing atomic wedgie if possible

Girl 1 then gives girl 2 a standing atomic, then puts her down on her knees, pulls the panties off her head and down to her ankles and wedgies her g-string/thong till it rios off too then pulls the panties back up.

Girl 2 says it's now ultimate test, an all oit wedgie brawl so the two go at it, wedgieing each other in every position so far until both of them rip their panties off too

Video ends with girl 1 asks girl 2 how she did and girl 2 says passed the 101 class with flying colors and aced the interview then they walk off cam