Leggings and Ugg Botts

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See through black leggings for all those leggings lovers that also love boots. As the Winter is ending and spring approaches I get less opportunities to wear boots. But it's been raining here and temperatures have dropped which means you get lucky and get to see me show off my black see through leggings, and sexy blue thong underneath. And get to see me show off my beige UGG boots too. Enjoy the tiny black bikini top also boys. Clip includes : tight but stretchy black leggings, thong, ugg boots, bikini top, verbal fantasy about leggings and ass addict, lotion rubbing on my ass, lots of ass spanking, and towards the end I finger fuck myself but you cant see. You can barely see my fingers going in and out of me through the sheer leggings fabric, as I push my thong aside and slide my fingers in and out. But you can enjoy the sounds my wet pussy makes as I cum and cream all over my fingers.

Category: ASS FETISH

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