Taboo! Nasty babysitter for little boy part 9

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Kate walks into my bedroom.

‘Okay, Gary. It is time for you to go to bed, now. But before you do, I have a nice surprise

for you. Your Mo ther is coming home tomorrow, so since you have been such a good boy

for me, this weekend, here is your !’

You make the ‘jerk off’ motion, with your arm going up and down.

‘I want you to take out your cock, and jerk it off right in front of me ! I want to see how

much you love my body !’

(Kate, please continue to do the ‘jerk off’ motion, with your arm going up and down, for

this entire PART 1)

‘I want you to jerk off to my tits...........I want you to jerk off to my ass...........I want you

to jerk off to my bikini top...........I want you to jerk off to my panties, and stockings and

garters................Stroke your cock for me, Gary................Jerk off your dick as you think

about fucking you think about me sucking on your dick..............Jerk off as

you think about cumming on my face and on my you think about

cumming on my ass...............That’s right, Gary, my horny, little boy.............Jerk off your

cock to me !’


(2 minutes)

‘Good boy, Gary. Now, like I said, because you have been so good and behaved this

weekend, I am going to give you what you really want.’

So, you reach over and grab on to my cock, and start to slowly jerk it off.

‘Tell you what, Gary, I will jerk you off, while you look at my tits, okay ? Good, yes ?’

So, you show off your tits, in your bikini top, as you continue to jerk off my cock.

‘I know you love my tits so much, Gary, so cum for me ! Look at my nice, big tits, that

you love so much !’

You continue to jerk off my cock.

‘Cum for me, honey ! Cum for my tits, as I jerk off your cock for you !’

And with that, I shoot a huge load of cum, all over your tits, taking you quite by happy

surprise !

SQUIRTY DILDO SCENE POV (5 squirts on Kate’s tits)

‘There you go, honey ! Good boy ! My good little boy ! My good little boy, who loves my

tits so much !’

But then, as you look at my cock and the cum on your tits, something comes over you,

and you smile and look at me.


(2 minutes)

‘You know, Gary, I am going to help you even more !’


You then take my still hard cock, and put it between your tits in your bikini top, and you

start to slowly titty fuck my cock.

‘Is this good, Gary ? You like fucking my big tits, yes ? You like to fuck my tits in my

bikini top ?

You continue to titty fuck my cock, slowly going up and down.

‘I want you to cum again, Gary. I want you to cum while you are fucking my tits !’

Now, you give my cock a few licks, while it goes up and down, between your tits.

‘Okay, honey, cum for me. Fuck my tits and cum for me. Cum for your Kate !’


And so I soon shot my huge load up on Kate’s face and on her tits.

‘Again, very good Gary ! I know you love fucking my tits...........And I like when you fuck

my tits !’

But again, as you look at my cock and the cum on your tits and face, something comes

over you, again, and you smile and look at me.


(3 minutes)

‘Now, Gary, I want you to sit back and jerk off your cock some more, as I get completely

naked for you !’

So you stand up, still with the cum all over you, and remove your bikini top, showing off

your tits to me.

‘I want you to see my big tits ! And I love the fact that a little boy can love my tits so

much ! That really turns me on, Gary. I love knowing a little boy loves to jerk off to my

tits all day long !’

Then, you remove your garters and stockings, and panties, and model your nude body for

me, showing off both your front and back views.

‘And now, here I am completely nude for you, Gary ! My tits, my ass, and my pussy. I am

showing off my entire woman’s body, to my favorite little boy ! You like, yes ?’


(3 minutes)


Now naked, you get down on your knees, on the floor, looking up at my still hard cock.

‘Okay, Gary, if you got so excited fucking my tits, let’s see how excited you get fucking

my mouth !’

Kate keeps her mouth open, and her arms down, and Gary’s cock begins to slowly go in

and out of Kate’s mouth.

‘That’s right, Gary, honey, fuck my mouth ! Fuck my mouth with your nice hard cock !’

And you suck on Gary’s cock as it goes in and out of your mouth !

‘Oh, I know you like that, Gary ! You like to fuck me in the mouth, yes ? My, naughty,

naughty, little boy !’

And after a few more ins and outs of Kate’s mouth, Gary’s cock first explodes into her

mouth, and then on her face, lips, and hair !

SQUIRTY CUM SCENE SIDE ANGLE (10 squirts into Kate’s mouth, on

her face, lips, and hair)

Kate then lets the cum drip slowly out of her mouth.

‘There, I think that did it, yes ? I think fucking my mouth did the trick. But, just to be


Kate then sucks and licks on Gary’s cock, one last time, getting the rest of the cum out of

it. Kate then kisses my cock.

‘Okay, now I think you are done ! I think you will be able to go to sle ep.’

And without wiping the cum from you, you stand back up.

‘Well, that was a great weekend, yes ? Goodnight, Gary. I think you will have pleasant

dreams tonight !’