VR 360 Huge Giantess Will put you in a box Part1

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This is a Virtual Reality 360 video! You can watch it on your computer or be closer to me in VR headsets!) Enjoy!

I am doing my things in my kitchen when i noteicing that someone is spying me! Its a tiny tiny man! I dont even understood first who you are woman or man! So when i catched you and put to the little box i desided for fun make you to take off your pants and show me your cock and ass! Lol i neves saw so tiny cock lol

And here is you- i think dont understood your chances - and starting to tell me something bad with your disgusting voise! Do you cut your brain? Or maybe you blind? Or you dont see who you are and who is me??? ahahah you did it wrong ! Now i will deside what i will do to you ! Maybe i will cr ush you with my huge nipple. Or maybe nail? Or i have a lot of variants!

Ok after i maked you so scare and you pee in your tiny pants i am close the box and leave you alone ! Maybe i will bring you some food soon before i will cr ush your tiny ugly body and cut your little pecker!

Enjoy the virtual reality and Turn out to be tiny in a box infront of the face of evil))