Nappy Blackmail

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  • Duration: 00:11:15
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Start off positively, being very happy about the fact that I have finally given into wearing diapers and have passed major milestones (wearing them, wetting them, humping pillows/cumming in them, wearing them to bed, etc). But you are also disappointed because I haven't followed through with sending you a photo of my driver's license and a photo of me in diapers. You order me to pause the clip until I email you the photos I owe you.

Once the clip starts up again you congratulate me for finally following through. Then you begin to muse about certain realties about my fetish. How I'm going to be getting deeper and deeper, doing more and more baby-like activities under your instructions (feel free to give some examples, bottle feeding, giving up on grown up underwear, no more toilets, etc). Then you ask me how can a person like that, a baby, can really manage an adult life? You convince me it would be better for me to give up more and more adult decisions to you. I could start with giving you access to my social media for you to decide how it gets used, then you might need to decide my schedule/how I spend all my free time, you will need to start managing my finances and I will have to give you all my credit card and bank passwords (feel free to get creative here in particular, anything you would want to take over).

Here you can be more soothing and encouraging (not making fun of me for having to give up control, but being understanding about it, it's a a fate I can't avoid, but you are here to help me with all those adult decisions I won't be able to handle anymore). In the final part of the clip, you explain how I will get there, by giving you more and more information until I have no choice. Finish off the clip by ordering me to give you any info you want that I haven't provided already (not disclosing everything quite yet, but feel free to be demanding).