Lick it up for My Long Legs Bratty CEI

  • Model: Mistress Salem
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Amuse Me slave! Lick it all up for My incredible Goddess legs while I cast a spell upon you in these tiny shiny shorts, high heels and cute socks. I don't know why you resist eating your cum but My long legs can seduce you to do anything. Today slave you're going to stroke your cock for Goddess doing exactly as I say and when I allow you to cum you will lick up every last drop for Me. I'm so tall and high above you; My legs are so long and mesmerizing slave. There is nothing to be afraid of slave- Goddess knows what's best- you will love eating your cum for Me after jerking off to My long legs and this incredible powerful pussy. My secret cum fetish confession is what makes you cum and get over your fear and eat it! (clip features elements of: cum eating instruction, legs, ass worship, high heels, jerk off instruction, mesmerize, mind fuck, long legs, CEI, JOI, tall goddess, femdom goddess, socks, femdom pov, shiny fetish)