Exposed Fantasy

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This is for all of your slaves that beg and pay and crave exposure. All types of exposure. The type that could possibly ruin your entire life. Your business your personal life and could ruin your marriage, But that doesn't stop you from being on clip sites and definitely doesn't stop you from buying my clips, or from getting excited and jerking off to my clips. Matter of fact all it does is make you more weak and more stupid and you pay even more for me to hold all your private information and confessions a secret. But we both know I do what I want and take no orders from anybody, especially not you. SO will I keep your fetish a secret or will I expose you to everybody and make your exposure fetish a reality! Its so scary either way isn't. and the ultimate final decision to expose if MINE ;) so get ready to find out if , when and how I will expose you and make your dream a reality!