Ballbusting: Volume 1

Ballbusting: Volume 1

  • Model: Miztress Sophie
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The best way for a Miztress to really know if her boots are worth the money, is to test them out. I don't mean walk in them, I mean REALLY test them out, see how they stand up to a good session of ballbusting.

Today I met with a slave, and I tested my thigh-highs out properly for the first time since I bought them. I have to say, I was impressed. They're comfortable, they're easy to keep my balance in while swinging my leg, and judging by the slave's reaction, I'd say that they're designed in just the right shape to cause the right amount of pain when foot connects to genitals.

Watch the clip and see how quickly my slave realises it's no longer a game. Watch how at first he's standing firm, anticipating the kicks almost with enthusiasm, his dick rock hard at the thought of it, then BAM!!! Less than 3 kicks or so later his dick has shrivelled up, he's doubled over in pain, begging me to stop, probably questioning his life and what he's doing with it. Then BAM!! More kicks.

It's funny how a pair of beautiful boots can give a slave an insta-boner, then just like that, those same boots can take that boner away just as quickly.

Watch the clip and tell me, do you think you could handle the tip of my boot?