A Killer Orgasm

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We've been seeing each other for some time now. Don't you think it'd be wise to write me into your will. After all, you're no young buck. Perhaps these giant tits you love so much can sway you to do it. Mmm that's it. You WANT to write me into your will don't you? That's a good boy. Lets not stop there.. I think you should sign over all investments you have to me as well. No need to have your spoiled grubby kids and hag of a wife in there. I want their shares too. That's it. Now don't stop stroking... Here, take this viagra.. Lets get that heart PUMPING. Ooops.. Your heart condition... You probably shouldn't have had that. But you don't care do you? No... because this last orgasm of yours will be worth it! Now keep stroking. Good boy.