Weak For My Tights and Cuffs HD Custom

  • Model: Sophia Smith
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Hello Sophia, For this clip please be wearing a black bra, black opaque tights (or tights like you wear in Voyeur 'Black Tights Teasing Show') and black high heels. Give lots of leg tease. then tell me we're going to play a game. Get some metal handcuffs and put them on your ankles. struggle for me. The game is that I'm not allowed to cum until I see your stockinged feet. Tease me, pretend to lose your shoes, lots of leg tease. Really slowly lose your shoes, and when I get to see both of your stockinged feet tell me I'm allowed to cum for you. Pantyhose and handcuffs on ankles are such a big fetish for me. Thanks so much!