Caught in the act

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You burst through the door to find me bent over on our bed rocking forward and backward pretending to be penetrated while wearing your sexiest bra and panties. You are disgusted that I (your pathetic boyfriend) am secretly a sissy who likes to wear your clothes and fantasize about being a woman. In a way you're happy though because my tiny premature ejaculating willy could never satisfy you anyway. So you make me to make my fantasy a reality by telling me you're going to call your ex who has a big black cock and bring him round to give me what I have always secretly been desperate for. To prepare for this you first order me to get on my knees and pretend to suck him off and then get me to lay in all kinds of different sex positions and bounce up and down and moan like hes there fucking me. You offer me tips on how to look like a real slut and make me moan louder and shout humiliating things at me. You then make me throw my legs over my head and spunk into my own face and mouth to practice how to take a facial. It doesn't take me long to cum and when I do you laugh at me for being so naughty and tell me to get ready for a bbc to pound my bottom and complete my transformation into a full sissy. You tell me that after he pounds me he can then last longer and fuck you all night and you are going to make me watch and observe how a real man satisfies a real woman.