The Christmas Robbery

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I've come to your luxurious jewelry with hopes of collecting donations for a charity I work for...So I say. Before you know it your customers and employees are down on the ground handing over their wallets and jewelry to my accomplice. But you.. You're hesitant and almost putting up a fight. I reveal to you this isn't my first nor my last heist I've been apart of. I tell you about the string of robberies that have taken place in the neighbor at other jewelry stores and how the owners of those were almost begging me to take their goods. But you still refuse. I then let you in on a little secret as I remove my coat exposing my giant round breasts in a sexy red push up bra and tiny lace thong. Suddenly you're in awe. An overwhelming desire to suddenly please me and submit takes over. You see, ALL men give in to my demands eventually. It's inevitable. Now be a good boy and hand over that shiny new necklace.