Earning that bonus check

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As the end of my year long contract comes to an end you beg me to stay just one more month in order to find a suitable replacement for my position. But lets face it, it's not just about that. You'd hate to see me go. After all, who else is going to prance around in tiny mini skirts, tight low cut blouses and tease you the way I have. And with you being the outspoken perverted old man that you are, no one is going to put up with your crap.
You offer a very impressing number that I can't refuse. I say yes, grab the check and am about to head out. Instead of letting me leave you decide to ask me for one more favor.. I'm first appalled and disgusted by your request, then realize I could really use this to my advantage. I've checked the books and see you plan to give yourself a giant bonus next quarter that I feel I deserve. Perhaps we can work something out once you've signed over your bonus check to ME.