Your flat chested girlfriend knows you have a boob addiction

Your flat chested girlfriend knows you have a boob addiction

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Includes - mind fuck - tit fetish - big tits - pov handjobs - humiliatrix - manipulatrix - entrapment - cock tease - seduction - femdom pov - ebony female domination


Come on in. Close the door.

Don't worry, your girlfriend's gone for a few hours. I told her you could chill at mine while she does some stuff.

So tell me something.

She was telling me the other day that she found pics of me on your computer. That you logged in using her FB account and downloaded some of my holiday bikini pics? Is that true?


Nawh I ain't even mad at you! I'm flattered actually. Apparently most of those pics were about my tits. Do you like my tits?

Mmm, I figured you did.

What about if I pull my top down, just unbutton it here like this...

Mmmm, what's going on in your pants big boi! Looks like something is stirring in there.

Can I touch it?

C'mon don't worry. I'm not gonna tell her. I always kinda knew you had a thing for me. I think it's hot if we did something and she had no clue. After all you'd be upgrading to the big titty committee here. She has nothing going on in the bra department. Maybe you can even titty fuck me every once in a while...

Would you like that?

Mmm oh yes! Let's have a look at that cock then. I'm dying to stroke it...