Stepdaughter Pantyhose Tease - Tara Rose

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Featuring Tara Rose!

You wander into the living room and are startled by the sight of your new stepdaughter, Tara, lounging on the couch in her argyle pantyhose. You've been trying not to let your mind go there, but the luck of having a college aged girl living at home in addition to your eager new wife . . .

Tara has noticed you looking at her, your eyes following her legs in her pantyhose, under her towel when she gets out of the shower in the morning. Today she makes it clear that she knows what you like and that she likes you looking at her. She poses and teases her legs, talking about how she never wanted a step-dad until you came along. She can tell you love her legs, which she didn't get from her mom. As she strips & runs her hands under the waist of her pantyhose, she comments on how if you're really nice to her, maybe someday you could do more than just watch.

Includes taboo topics, patterned pantyhose, leg fetish