• Model: Goddess Celine
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I intend to financially your wallet. I am vain, beautiful, and mean. I don't give a about you, I don't care what the fuck your excuses are for why you expect to serve Me before spoiling Me. I am a fucking Bitch and a Goddess and you are a disgusting pig. My goal is your ruin, and you cannot stop yourself from reading further, can you?Beg Me to accept your pathetic little fucking tributes!!The only good your fucking existence holds is to spoil Me with no thought of your own are a nasty little piggy groveling at My feet, begging for attention, and you don't deserve MY fucking attention, whore. Now bring your wallet out ! U love wehn im fucking it isnt?Show how much u love me.I will drive you to financial ruin will work harder to meet My demands.Furs, fully fashioned stockings,. Casadei stilettos, leather gloves and a powerful mind,red lips , merciless bitch , perfect weapons to break you down!