Valentines Loner (small)

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Isn’t it tragic that you have to endure this day so unloved ? No cards , no date …. You can’t even stomach to go out and do your usual visit to the really boring chain restraunts to pick up a take away. Instead you’re at home wondering why you’re such a loser trawling porn sites . Maybe there is a way you can fulfil your needs ? Instead of having no one to buy a card or a present for you think of me ; You know I don’t want to be your valentine because I already have two dates (one with massive cock and one with a massive wallet) but if I would agree to be your secret virtual valentine you might just feel a bit better about yourself …. Of course that is going to cost you your days wages of the 14th February … Think of it as a loser tax for the most romantic night of the year … That’s it click away , doesn’t it feel better that you actually achieved something today? Of course no one would ever believe I could be your valentine for real , because I’m not and you don’t have anyone to tell , LOL!