Schoolgirl Pantyhose Domination - Star Nine

  • Model: Star Nine
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  • Duration: 00:08:39
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You thought you would get back at her, put her in her place. The sight of her long, hosed, legs makes you weak and she knows it. Sick of feeling humiliated you tattled to the administration, tried to get her in trouble.

Star sits on the bench in the hallway waiting to be called into the office. Weak coward that you are, she catches you trying to crawl past her unnoticed.

Star dangles her shoe in front of your face, ordering you to sniff. You know you want to breath her in, you can't resist her, that's why you're being such a little brat, trying to get her in trouble. Star crosses and uncrosses her legs, showing you up her skirt. She orders you to smell her feet, observes your cock twitching in your pants.

What did you think you would accomplish by tattling? Star can do whatever she wants, she has all the teachers, the deans, wrapped around her little finger, all weak for her hosed legs.

Includes foot smelling, schoolgirl, pantyhose domination, female supremacy