Sexbot Castration - Star Nine

  • Model: Star Nine
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  • Duration: 00:07:47
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • File size: 207.5M
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You fumble with the remote. Your new Sexbot has arrived and it's even more real than you had dreamed. You press the power button. The Sexbot powers on. It explains that it is perfectly lifelike, fully functional, able to fullfill any fantasy. It asks you to select a program. You haven't read the manual. You punch in some numbers at random. The Sexbot loads the program. It explains that you are about to have the best orgasm of your life. It shows off it's perfectly formed features and instructs you to stroke your cock. The Sexbot seems oddly cryptic, but you stroke it, imagining all of the things you can do with it later. Intent on experiencing this once in a lifetime orgasm, you obey as the Sexbot instructs you to grab and twist your balls as hard as you can as you cum. It was right, it's the most intense orgasm, and last orgasm of your life. The Sexbot almost seems pleased with itself as it instructs you to head to the emergency room and powers down.

Includes robot, sexbot, JOI, castration, masturbation encouragement