There's a Run in These Hose! - Star Nine

  • Model: Star Nine
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  • Duration: 00:13:15
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Star Nine is getting ready to go out. She's wearing a tight shirt & skirt and nude back seamed hose. When she goes to put on her heels she notices that her nice back seamed hose have a run in the toe! She'll have to pick another pair. She find another pair of seamed pantyhose, but they are black. She selects a pair of nude Wolfords & hopes she won't get a run in them.

Star anticipates how amazing then 10 denier "tights" are going to feel on her legs as she peels the ruined pantyhose off of her long legs. She can't help but rub her hand up and down the silky softness as she pulls on the Wolfords. She admires the way they make her ass look, commenting that she shouldn't let herself get distracted, she doesn't want to be late . . . Star really can't help herself though, and reaches for her vibrator. She holds it up to her pantyhose covered pussy and thrusts against it, rubbing her hand on the silky material coating her inner thigh. As she cums repeatedly in her pantyhose she has trouble standing up. She turns and places her hand on the dresser, continuing to grind against her vibe until she realizes she's really going to be late.

Includes back seamed pantyhose, wolford 10 denier, pantyhose masturbation