Foot Smelling Cuck - Star Nine

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Featuring Star Nine!

You watch me dress for a night out. You aren't invited, but I let you help chose my outfit. A tight short skirt, black halter, shiny black Wolford pantyhose.

I'm so glad we've come to this understanding my darling husband, my career has just soared since I stopped letting you come with me to these events. Tonight I'm entertaining a famous rock star, trying to poach him from his current label. Which shoes? Sexy heels? No, rocker booties. I remove my wedding ring and toss it on the dresser. I prance off, I'll let you smell my feet later if you finish all your chores.

I come in late, exhausted. I'm surprised to see you still up. I let you help me remove my shoes and allow you to sniff my sweaty nylon feet.

Includes foot smelling, wolfords, black pantyhose, nylon feet, cuckolding