Friendly Competition - Star Nine

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Featuring Star Nine!

I've invited you home from the bar after work, you play it cool. You aren't surprised at all. You're cocky, you always knew this would eventually happen.

I rub my legs together, dangle my heels off my nylon feet. I'm not surprised that you just presumed this would happen some day. You're full of presumptions.

It's clear you want to fuck me, but we should take our time, we both know this can only happen once. We're going to remain in competition at work, we won't be turning into an alpha couple.

I have a surprise for you. I leave the room and return with a pile of my worn nylons. I want to tie you up. All the alpha males love being tied up, haven't you seen all the scandals in Washington?

I bind you tightly to the chair. I have an extra special pair to stuff in your mouth. A mixture of scent and pussy. I pose for you, I've seen you staring at my long legs all these months. All these months that you've been competing for the same jobs as me.

I grow bored and put my heels back on, preparing to leave. You mumble through your nylon gag. But I just leave, to call the cleaning service. You won't be getting in my way at work anymore.

Includes pantyhose, executrix, pantyhose domination, sheer to waist pantyhose