Describe My Foot Stench - Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine

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Featuring Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine!

I make Kelsey beg for her job. I have her in my office & am dressing her down for her inappropriate attire, new nose piercing, and poor performance. Realizing that her job is on the line, Kelsey quickly gets on her knees.

Amused, I dangle one of my heels in front of her face. My foot odor wafting from my nylon foot to her freshly pierced nostril. I tell her to get back on the couch. I have an idea. She needs to improve her descriptive language if I'm going to keep her around.

I have her lie back on the couch, her head in perfect position for my stinky nylon soles. I order her to describe my foot stench as many different ways as she can. I get off on her predicament and reach for my hitatchi. I do let her keep her job for now, but next weeks company newsletter had better be riveting.

Includes foot smelling, pantyhose domination, office domination, dangling