You're Fired! - Star Nine

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Featuring Star Nine!

I've called you into my office. I'm looking at my phone, ignoring you. I finish what I'm doing and look up. Oh, there you are. I want to play a game, see if we're on the same page. I ask you to pick the word that best describes your quarterly sales performance.

Your reply isn't too far off - you chose the word "adequate". I counter with "dismal". You start to beg for your job, but I don't want to hear it. I order you to your knees and am amused when you obey.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to profit off your obedience. I wave my high heeled bootie in your face and order you to remove it. I want you to smell my sweaty nylon feet while we brainstorm what would make me able to keep you around.

I lie on the couch, wiggling my damp nylon toes under your nose. I'm ignoring you again, I have more important business to attend to on my phone. You desperately sniff my nylon feet. See the problem is your poor performance has cost me so much money . . . I pull my feet away from your face, having reached a decision. I order you to clean out your desk and leave, you're fired.

Includes office domination, ignore fetish, foot smelling, black pantyhose, nylon feet, nylon toes, booties, pantyhose domination