My Girlfriend's Worn Pantyhose - Star Nine

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I open the envelope slowly. I wasn't sure she'd send them. I pull out three pairs of my girlfriend's worn nylons. Neatly packaged in ziplock bags. She'd made fun of me when I'd asked.

I slowly remove a pair of her worn pantyhose from one of the bags. I inhale. I work my hand into the foot and spread my fingers, pretend to sniff between her toes. I can smell her delicate little feet.

I get more comfortable, slipping out of my dress. I recline on the couch & rub one nylon covered hand on my nipple while sniffing the other foot. Should I wait for it? No, I want to sniff the nylon cotton panel now. I begin to rub my nylon covered hand over my pussy while I smell traces of my girlfriend's pussy juice off the worn gusset.

I cum. I have the best girlfriend, I suppose I owe her some really good phone sex tonight.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, worn pantyhose, smell fetish