Restraint - Kymberly Jane, Annabelle Lee & Star Nine

  • Model: Star Nine
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  • Duration: 00:19:41
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • File size: 610.2M
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Stretched spread-eagle with chains, a huge ball-gag shoved into her mouth, Star struggles before her Domme Kym walks in and flogs her exposed tits and pussy before making her cum with the hitatchi.

Once again, Star is left to struggle. She arches and pulls against the chains, aching for release. AnnaBelle enters to free her girlfriend, but is distracted by Star's compromising position. She removes Star's gag and kisses her hard, but then her hands travel down her body to the hitatchi that has been left behind. It's hot to tease her girlfriend in bondage with the element of risk, the fear of being caught. Star moans under the hitatchi, but pleads with her girlfriend to release her. Free of her bondage, Star clings to her girlfriend, kissing her deeply. They begin to rub their bare pussies together, distracted, tribbing to orgasm before leaving together.

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