Team Building Exercise - Chrissy Daniels, Terra Mizu & Star Nine

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  • Duration: 00:19:50
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Chrissy Daniels & Terra Mizu have gone too far with their work rivalry and embarrassed the company at a conference. Their boss (Star Nine) is livid. She orders them to work it out or else they're fired. Chrissy & Terra bicker about whose fault it is, but Star just rolls her eyes and orders them to strip. They're going to learn to work together by fucking it out.

Stripped down to their bras & pantyhose, Chrissy & Terra gingerly begin to rub their pussies together. They slowly trib to an orgasm that Star deems pathetic. She tosses a doxy for them to grind on as she looks on and masturbates in the background. Once her employees have worked together to make each other cum she snatches it away from them and allows them to return to their rooms.

Includes pantyhose, pantyhose domination, office domination, lesbian domination, tribbing