Million Dollar Contract - Dixie Comet & Star Nine

  • Model: Star Nine
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  • Duration: 00:16:48
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
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Dixie Comet & Star Nine close the deal. The CEO they're meeting with tries to negotiate by throwing out a lower number, but that's not how Star does business. He keeps looking under the table at their dangling heels and nylon feet until Dixie mentions their next meeting and Star gets him to sign. 1.2 million.

Dixie & Star return to their office, high on the money. Star wiggles out of her expensive dress pants. If they'd worn skirts they'd still be sitting there. He'd never let them leave.

Star unbuttons Dixie's pants. Stripped down to their pantyhose, they're all over each other on the high of their win. Nylon feet rub nylon pussies until the friction is too great. Star positions her long legs around Dixie, grinding their wet nylon pussies together as they cum.

Includes pantyhose domination, tribbing, office domination, pantyhose under pants, lesbian domination