The Pitch - Whitney Morgan

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With Whitney Morgan!

You're amped up for this pitch meeting. You just know you're going to get it. The network is going to love you. Your eyes wander over to the blonde sitting across the waiting room. Probably some stupid girl interviewing to be an assistant to an assistant, trying to break into the industry. Like that'll ever happen.

She opens her mouth, your eyes must have lingered too long. She asks if you're also there for the pitch meeting. Your jaw drops and she rolls her eyes at you, knows exactly what you were thinking. She keeps talking, boy it's taking a long time. She offers to get you some coffee. Now that's more like it. You could get used to people bringing you things when your show gets picked up.

She stretches her legs out towards you and continues to talk. You begin to feel funny. Must be a little warm in here. She continues to taunt you. She says something about how you could disappear and no one would even notice, they'd just assume you partied too hard your first night in LA.

You slowly crumple, sliding to the floor. She slips a foot out of her heels and wiggles her nylon toes in your face. She gloats as you fade away, leaning over to slap your face. She snaps her fingers and you cannot budge.

The secretary enters the room, you were next, but it's too late. Whitney takes your place as you permanently go limp.

Includes executrix, female supremacy, extreme domination