Tightly Wrapped - Star Nine

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With Star Nine!

What an inappropriate confession for the workplace. I guess you're feeling more open and secure behind closed doors, too.

You're standing in my new office, ostensibly to congratulate me, but I'm not fooled. I've caught you staring at my nylon soles. My feet propped up on the desk in my new, corner, office. It's not the first time I've caught you staring, but this time I call you out, and this time you confess. You're fixated on them. My pantyhose.

You must have stared at them for hundreds of hours. You must have some idea of what you'd like to do with them.

If I took them off and gave them to you, what would you do with them. Would you wrap them around your cock? Is that what you'd like to do?

You think I'm just fucking with you don't you - well I am to an extent.

What would you give me for these pantyhose, come on, you know you want them.

Of course the first word out of your lips is "anything". I swiftly pull them off my legs. A sadistic smile edges at my lips.

It's almost time for the board meeting. I want you to wear my worn nylons wrapped around your cock for the duration - BUT if your cock is hard and throbbing, I want your balls throbbing too. I instruct you to wrap the soft, silky nylon, warm from my body around your hard cock - and the strong, taut nylon tight around your balls.

You're strangely quiet throughout the meeting. I taunt you afterwards, surprised you didn't have to run off to the bathroom. Your balls are discolored from their nylon bonds. Blue. I laugh. I wiggle my naked toes in your face, permitting you to kiss them. I slam my other foot down hard on your throbbing balls. The pain is unbearable. You don't dare look down.

Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, ball fetish