Kelsey Obsession's Interview

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Kelsey Obsession nervously adjusts the strap that has fallen off her shoulder. She has so little work experience that she references her GPA as she fidgets in front of you. Her strap keeps falling and she nervously dangles her heels. Eventually one of her heels falls off and clatters noisily to the floor. Kelsey's mouth opens wide in shock, but then she catches the look on your face . . . she thinks she knows exactly how she can qualify for this job.

Kelsey dangles and drops her other heel. She spreads her legs revealing her sheer to waist pantyhose - she never wears panties, she hopes they aren't part of the dress code? She slowly removes her glasses, lets her hair down, and strips down to just her sheer suntan pantyhose. She poses seductively, showing off her legs, feet, pussy and ass. Once she's got you where she wants you, she gives you ten seconds to decide whether or not she's got the job. Of course you let your desire get the best of you. Kelsey smiles, she just knew you were meant to work together from the moment she heard your voice on the phone . . .

This was a custom video & the viewer is occasionally addressed as Mr. Samuel.

Includes sheer to waist pantyhose, secretary