Foot Domination Blackmail - Whitney Morgan

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Sick of you, Whitney calls you into the break room. You took credit for all her work on the big project and it's the last straw.

It's a tough situation, because you're an idiot male, the boss is an idiot male - he's going to take your side. But you know whose not going to take your side? HR.

You eyeball me 24/7, you accidentally brush up against me. My breasts. My ass. My feet even. I see you gawk at them you little fucking weirdo.

Your eyes linger at her feet, as she continues her threats. You have to look up when she mentions all the times she's filmed your inappropriate acts. You're a bit worried now & you should be - once she's through with you, janitorial will be the only job with your fucking name on it.

The threats continue as you try to get a good view up her skirt.

If you don't want me to go to HR I want to see you gagging on these fucking soles. Go ahead, take a good whiff, breath it all in. I want to see your eyes watering.

She seems to think this is punishment for you! You're only too happy to obey. You shove your nose between her sweaty nylon foot and her well worn heel. You obediently stick your tongue out as she shoves her toes down your throat. Your cock hardens as you accept your "punishment". you're barely making out her words now - something about your wife.

You can't hear clearly until she takes her nylon feet away from you, coated in your saliva now. Her words slowly begin to make sense - this was taped too - better tender your resignation before the video goes viral . . .

Includes foot domination, office domination, pantyhose domination, blackmail fantasy, foot smelling