Sweat Sniffing Loyalty - Star Nine

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  • Duration: 00:12:27
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With Star Nine!

A continuation of Quid Pro Quo & a must for RHT stocking fans.

You come into my office pleading for an extension on your deadline . . . why you would bother me with that instead of just finishing the work is beyond me. Perhaps I should take you off the project, out of your cubicle. Keep you as a slave under my desk. Of course there's that pesky ambition of yours . . . you wouldn't be able to fully enjoy it.

I dangle and drop my heels, revealing my RHT soles. I spread my toes and allow you to sniff between them, a sign of loyalty. I taunt you as your cock strains against your dress pants. Imagine the feel of my silky stocking feet on your cock. I rub my nylon feet back and forth, wiggle my reinforced toes in your face. I allow you to stroke. To cum to the scent of my stocking feet. A show of loyalty. A temporary cure for your distraction.

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Includes RHT stockings, office domination, foot smelling, JOI