Celebrating - Jessica Ryan & Star Nine

  • Model: Star Nine
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  • Duration: 00:11:27
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You gaze longingly from the corner as Jessica Ryan & I (Star Nine) gloat over our victory. Paralyzed, breathing heavily. wanting.

We muse over why it's so easy to convince men like you to invite us to their rooms. Never surprised, as if they deserve this. As if you deserved us. Perhaps you just assumed we were whores even though the price wasn't disclosed. Perhaps you were truly prepared to pay anything.

Rest assured, you will pay dearly.

Saliva foams at your lips as you struggle. Jessica and I slip out of our tight black dresses and rub our nylon legs together. I begin to nibble on her foot, running my tongue under her nylon toes, teasing her with my tongue ring. She moans in pleasure. My nylon ass is on full display as she licks my soles. You fade away as we giggle and worship each other, high on anticipation of what we will find in your corporate safe.

Includes executrix, pantyhose, foot worship