30% Commission - Kymberly Jane

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80 Credits ($7.99)

Your accountant sits at the kitchen table. You could afford one of those big firms, but why not get a little something extra for the money? Kymberly Jane congratulates you on your most successful month in the last 3 years. You gaze at her legs. This is the added benefit, the view, the nylon legs in high heels rising up to the tight skirt. Kym smiles. She knows what kind of power she has over you. She just hadn't gotten around to using it, until today.

Kym stands and poses for you, telling you to relax in a sing-songy voice. Your mind becomes an empty slate as you gaze deeply at her legs. Before you know it she's snapping her fingers. Bringing you back to attention. Her new 30% weekly commission seems absolutely reasonable.

Includes pantyhose domination, legs, financial domination