This is MY House Now

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Tell me why I've been trying to have a good time shopping, but your annoying girlfriend has been nagging me all day. She's all blah blah blah, the rent is late, blah blah, who cares, whatever. Oh, she put you up to bitching at me, too? Interesting. Words are stumbling out your mouth but all I'm gathering is you're fucking weak for me. You're trying to stand your ground, but that boner growing in your pants tells another story. Listen, I know you don't wanna piss me off. With that stale hag of a girlfriend you have to deal with, oggling me while living in the same house is about the greatest joy you have in life. That being said, I know you'll agree to me living here rent free from now on. I've written up a new lease, and all you have to do is sign right here... Now be a good boy...