Dare you to press SEND

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The word blackmail makes you so horny but also sends a shivers of fear down your spine. Do you think straight and imagine the consequences? or d o you do what you are so good at and think with your dick?

Losing control to me has been the ONLY thing that can get you off for such a long time. Jerking to the thought of being at my mercy turns you on. Knowing that if you mess up you life would be gone right before your eyes. No job. no family and probably no friends, but all this make you hornier that you have ever been before.

Do you dare to give in to your horny thoughts and play the 'Blackmail Game'?

Already weak and dumb for me you are just ready to fall into my trap. Knowing the danger to lose control to me, to be completely under my power send shivers down your spine and rushing to your groin. You know you are playing with fire but the urge is too much and you must do what you are good at, and that's thinking through your dick. want me to control you, you NEED to be . You ache for the feeling of fear, anxiousness and horniness. Welcome to your new life as MY property, you do as I say and what I wish from now on.

You tried to resist my alluring, manipulative ways but I so easily teased that information out of you and I enjoy dangling all your information just inches from your snout. Your WHOLE world could come crashing down in seconds but do you dare to press SEND....