Laura Palmer's SPH/BBC Worship JOI game

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This mean and creepy BBC worship/small white penis humiliation themed cosplay JOI clip was made for Halloween ! :) If you are a Twin Peaks fan, youll adore my Laura Palmer cosplay! Im wearing a vintage prom dress and hairstyle.

You find yourself in a strange place (the Red room). There is a pretty but creepy girl (she has dead fish eyes) in formal dress, who tells you : She's been here for a long time ago without any male company. Her name is Laural Palmer, and she really wants to play with you ! She tells you : Show your dick for her... but after you did it, she starts laughing at your tiny willy. She offers a naughty game: stroke your little dick to show her : how much cum is in your balls ? While you working on your small dick, she being nostalgic, and she will talk about her experiences with huge black superior dicks. While she is talking, she strokes her tits/pussy...