The stupid Vampire apprentice (white version)

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This funny: horror comedy vampire cosplay themed : Stupid submissive slut mixed beautiful agony, creampie clip was made for Halloween ! (You can find 2 versions with: Black/White dildo)

If you like vampires and stupid sluts, youll love this film ! A vampire apprentice is doing her final exam, which is about to hunting and drinking a human alone. You are the victim, but you convince her to fulfill your last wish : Give you a blowjob before you get k1ll3d.

You tell her that the veins are thicker there and as the BJ in progress, youll convince her about to let you fuck her. Youll see amazing angles and a nice beautiful agony POV scene. The stupid apprentice does not know you've eaten garlic, so she will be shocked when you are cum inside her cold pussy. The vampire is complaining all along, but she does what you want because she's stupid. :"D