Virgin Mock

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What a huge embarrassment to not only yourself but society. How old are you? and you’re still a virgin!

Surely you have just given up on the possibility of losing those big shameful V plates? Who would want to fuck you? Who would want to be intimate with you in any sense? You’re repulsive and forty + and still a virgin, well you reek of weirdness. You’re classed as a freak, you do know that. All you can do is sit there, like you are right now. With your trousers around your ankles, slobbering, grunting and tugging on your over-wanked virgin dick as you watch my clips. Staring at my hot body, know you would never even have a 1% chance of enjoying it.

No, you’re a virgin loser and you can sit there right now and jerk to that life long fact. It’s never going to change. You will forever be a virgin freak!