The next st3ep - Chastity

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So you have thought about chastity long and hard and want to take the next s77te77p in servitude. You do realise going into chastity is a big st99ep. You need to realise that once you are locked up, that feeling of complete desperation and vulnerability will be with you until you are deemed worthy. From the moment you feel that plastic or metal tightly pressed against your skin, you will feel your manhood slowly slipping away. The increased feeling of submissiveness is instant.

But the real thrill comes with the posting of the keys. This is when you realise that this is no longer a game. When you are all locked and totally powerless this is when it sinks in. Not only have you lost control of your worthless cock but also your wallet and mind. You will be in a permanent state of complete submission, weak, horny and utterly desperate to serve. Your brain becomes clouded and you are unable to think about anything else. I will be on your mind 24/7. You will be more than happy to give it all to me, become my worker and undertaking humiliating tasks you never thought you would ever do. Just for that release, just to keep me happy and just for my entertainment. Seeing me happy, my bank account creasing will give your sorry ass life some meaning. You will become nothing more than a weak, drooling pay zombie from now on. Listen to my instructions.