Cum Twice Eat it Once

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You’re always saying today is the day you’re going to do it but that day never happens or there is always an excuse. Basically you just chicken out.

I’m not taking any excuses today, you’re going to eat your load and just how I instruct you too. Don’t worry it’s going to be fun. You’re going to have the chance to cum TWICE today but in order for that to happen you need to have eaten your cum first time round. Have the opportunity to jerk twice for me is a huge privilege. So unzip, let me take control. You are going to love it, you’re going to enjoy your warm, salty load trickling down your neck you’re going to want it again and again and again again. Start stroking for me as I tease you with every inch of my hot body, lose yourself totally. Edge and edge some more. Start building that cum for me. Go on, explode and eat it. Yes all of it, wow didn’t that feel good right and you’re still hard and ready to go again….