High and Mind Fucked

  • Model: British Bratz
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  • Duration: 00:07:37
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I enjoy controlling you, even down to your breathing and today I am going to get you so high whilst totally mind fucking you, you won’t know life before this clip.

I want you to inhale these p0pp£rs in huge abundance today. I want you to forget everything and focus on what I say. I’m going to get deep inside your mind today. I want you so high you are sailing into my world freely. You will inhale these Nitrates each time I lift it to your nose, only when I remove it you will be able to breathe. I want you on your knees looking up at your Goddess. After each hit I want you to declare your undying love and servitude to me before I shut you back up with a nice huge sniff.

I want to fuck you up today and I won’t stop until I do exactly that. Are you ready to be mine?