Losers stay Virgins Forever

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You should be completely embarrassed and ashamed that at your age and time in life you are still a virgin. Admit it, you're nothing but a failure, a joke of man, a pathetic virgin loser. You will have those V plates till the day you d.i.e. and you know it. There is no chance in hell of you ever getting to experience sex of any kind all you can do is jerk that lonely little VIRGIN cock.

I want you to jerk to that fact that you're a virgin, that nobody wants you, that your cock will never be used apart from you tugging on it. We were put on this earth to reproduce and you're never going to do that. Maybe that is a blessing in disguise, we don't need any more losers walking this earth. So jerk to it, stroke your cock all the way to orgasm and with every single stroke I want you to remind yourself, shout it out loud virgin boy. You will ALWAYS be a virgin!