Mean and Greedy

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Did you think I was just 'pretending' or sugar coating my greedy bitchy ways? Well, if so. Im not. Of course I'm not. I really am this mean, bratty, rich bitch who is never satisfies and always always always want more.

I always get what I want and the richer I become the more I want. I deserve it after all, my beauty overpowers you and everything around me. I don’t care what it takes you to pay me but you will. If you have to steal, beg, whore yourself, you will. Can you guess just how much loser cash I make each month just for being me? I make more in a month than you would ever make in a year! I love cash, it's my fetish and my wants are always met. Cash makes me horny, makes me wet and I'm always hungry for me. Besides, it is the ONLY way you can satisfy me and being the wallet that you are is a pretty privilege position. Spending on me keeps you hard doesn't it loser. You may hate yourself for spending on me but you will always be back for me. I have that effect on you, you crave more of me and I just crave more of your wallet.