Lydia Deetz is blackmailing and makes you sissy

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Ive made 9 pcs Beetlejuice cosplay themed bdsm/fetish clip for Valentines day ! Watch me as : Lydia Deetz & cum with me ! In this clip im wearing Lydia's black outfit with leather boots. This is a CFNM themed clip. If you like to play for real, get a butt plug, a dildo and a women's panties before we start !

Ive summoned you Beetlejuice bc i wanted to talk about something... But when you appear , i see that you stroke your pathetic cock with one of my panties! Are you a girl or what? Take on that pantie NOW, and stroke your dick like a huge CLIT, you little bitch ! While you do this, ill make photos of you with my phone ! Shame on you, you little slut ! Ill put a plug into your ass , and fuck your throat and anus-pussy with my huge strapon ! After you cum like a real bitch , ill give you some very nasty tasks, ill feminize you ! If you dont do what i told, ill share your photos with your friends! Little twat!