Destroying your Date

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After coming over to my house to pick up my s1ster for a date, you ring the buzzer and I open the door. I invite you in, telling you that my s1ster is running late and that you should make yourself comfortable on the couch. I start chatting you up, flirting with you and I can't help but notice you checking me out. I open up to you, telling you that I secretly love destroying my s1sters dates, that she has a lot of men come over to pick her up, and that she always runs late. I explain to you how I am the younger, hotter s1ster that no man yet has been able to resist, and that I don't think you can either. That my s1ster is 15-20 mins late that gives us enough time to have some fun. You look like a naughty boy, and I'm a very naughty girl, what she doesn't know can't hurt her.